Property Administration – Online Administration

Emilio Pino – Abogados has a section dedicated to the administration of all type of property, offering to the Communities of Proprietors a unique service of administration with solutions to their real necessities, in an agile and effective form.

Our firm is formed by a team of professionals with ample experience in different scopes, in order to handle in the best possible way the management and administration of your community and using the new technologies for it.

For that reason, at our Administration we continue giving habitual services of management of property, such as legal advising, claim of debts to non-paying proprietors, as much judicial as extrajudicial. We mediate in conflicts between neighbours, being conscious it is important that the Proprietor is informed about all the events, managements, expenses and income taking place in his Community, an information and data that usually he does not have access to in a comfortable form.

Through a Web page designed exclusively for your Community, you will be able to access at any moment and to consult all the information as it can be, banking statement of account, contracts with maintenance companies, statutes, norms, acts, state of opened judicial procedures, situation and everything you can need at any time.

We also offer the possibility for the proprietor to inform us about the incidences that may arise in his Community, or get in contact with us, and from that moment a member of our staff will manage it and whenever necessary inform the supplier so that he solves that matter informing you at every moment.

Our human capital is formed by a team of professionals with ample experience in the fields of  Law, Architecture, Economy and Computer science, and this allows us to at any time give you an answer to your necessities in all  fields.

Contact with us and we will be enchanted to offer you a quotation without commitment.