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In data protection, codes of conduct serve to adapt the application of the GDPR to the characteristics of the different sectors of activity and, in addition, • They can serve as an element to demonstrate compliance with the obligations of those responsible • Can serve as an element to demonstrate...

  Yes, you can. And this is because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in its article 7, letter F, includes the legitimate interest of the data controller as the 7th possible option for a basis that allows the lawful treatment of the personal data. As a...

  The RGPD, summarized   The main areas of the General regulation of data protection (RGPD) are the following, more specifically in relation to the Directive 95/46/CE for the protection of personal data.   PEOPLE'S RIGHTS AND HOW TO REPORT THEM The current standard for data protection in the EU (Directive...

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se usan para seguir comportamientos dentro de la web, datos de IP (no personales), demografía, zona geográfica, intereses (no asociados a una identidad), fuente de acceso y tecnología

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