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With our extensive experience in the Costa del Sol, Emilio Pino Abogados has met each circumstance before. Our experience is your shelter.

Business advising

We specialise in business and real estate law in the Costa del Sol area.

Representing People

The Lawyer’s firm is an active family law practice also dealing with wills and trusts.


Emilio Pino -Abogados has professionals who are members of Inter-Nos, an association of provincial scope formed by titled professionals, experts in Mediation.


Marbella Lawyers


Emilio Pino – Lawyers from its location in the core of the South coast of Spain provides advice and legal representation in all areas of the law, which include the following practice areas:

Business & Corporate law

Success depends upon a reliable business structure, smooth functions and unambiguous contractual relationships…

Real Estate Law

Given that we have been involved in every phase of the real estate market since 1987, we have significant familiarity in the restructuring of debt and equity transactions.

Labor & Employment Law

Emilio Pino – Abogados has created a new Labour and Employment Services department with advice from experienced professionals….

Family Law

The defence of the interests of the family not only needs to be made with a legally documented perspective,…

Trademarks, Copyright & Patents

We advise clients on all matters relating to trademarks, patents and rights of intellectual property.

Property Administration

We have a section dedicated to the administration of all type of property, offering to the Communities of Proprietors a unique service of administration with solutions to their real necessities, in an agile and effective form.

Marbella Lawyers

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Marbella Lawyers

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Emilio Pino Lawyers litigators have an enthusiasm for winning lawsuits and are renowned for our accomplishments in the court. But also, we know when to avoid costly lawyer quarrels and protect our credibility (and the client’s) facing the judge or jury.

Emilio Pino

Lawyer – Founder

Pilar Barranco

Lawyer – Cofounder

Silvia Davidova