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18 Feb What would the minimum penalty be for the lack of presentation of model 720 declaring assets, rights or properties abroad of Spain?

The minimum penalty for the lack of presentation of the model 720 when there is obligation to submit the form with respect to a single reporting obligation is of €10,000. In case three obligations of information are breached, the penalty would be €30.000....

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16 Feb My boyfriend and I are a non-married cohabitating couple living in a rented house for more than two years and the renting contract is just in his name. Can the landlord legally dispossess me out of the house when my boyfriend dies?

No he cannot.  It is important that at the time it happens you notify the landlord about the decease of your boyfriend and about your wish to subrogate in the renting contract in a maximum term of three months after your boyfriend’s death. In such...

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16 Mar My rental contract does not mention any tenant’s address other than the rented property. Where should I send him an official notice if I know he is not there?

The recently approved new Reform of the Law for Leases ( Ley 19/2009) has solved this old dilemma. It clearly indicates that in case the parties have not stated otherwise, the tenant’s address for official notices is the rented property. And this is so regardless...

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