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07 Sep How can I be sure that the value I sell my property for is not potentially subject to an under declaration claim From Spanish Hacienda?

The official valuations of property in Spain are perfectly predictable. There is even official websites like this one where for example, if you indicate your property’s cadastral value and your municipality, it will tell you what the official valuation is. Obviously every lawyer or estate agent...

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26 Mar Must I inform about accounts in financial institutions situated abroad that are opened during the fiscal year 2013 and cancelled before the 31 December 2013?

No, there is no obligation to report. The same criterion applies to assets and rights subject to obligations about reporting regulated in the law.  Therefore if they are acquired during the financial year and your title upon them terminates in the same period, there is...

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18 Feb What would the minimum penalty be for the lack of presentation of model 720 declaring assets, rights or properties abroad of Spain?

The minimum penalty for the lack of presentation of the model 720 when there is obligation to submit the form with respect to a single reporting obligation is of €10,000. In case three obligations of information are breached, the penalty would be €30.000....

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