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16 Feb My boyfriend and I are a non-married cohabitating couple living in a rented house for more than two years and the renting contract is just in his name. Can the landlord legally dispossess me out of the house when my boyfriend dies?

No he cannot.  It is important that at the time it happens you notify the landlord about the decease of your boyfriend and about your wish to subrogate in the renting contract in a maximum term of three months after your boyfriend’s death. In such...

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16 Dec Regarding my rented apartment in Spain, how can I as a landlord be protected against a tenant deciding to stay 5 years instead of the originally agreed shorter term?

In general terms there is not such a protection’s possibility really. The tenant is legally more protected and the Spanish Law requires that a home contract be renewable for a minimum of five years, just subject to the tenant’s non-resignable right to decide so. However...

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