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23 Oct what would happen to the boys when I die? Would they, for instance, be prepared to face the unclear formalities and consequences when they inherit the house

You are on the top of the hill…still enjoying your recent slice shot on 18th hole. You are sure it was your cutest banana ball and you told others it was intentional when the ball landed on the green. And now you see a rewarding view of...

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05 Aug Could I include testamentary partitions and clauses on my Spanish Will permitted by my national Law even if they are not permitted by the Spanish Law?

Yes, you can, since the rule in Spain is that the law applicable is the one corresponding to your nationality at the time of the decease whatever the nature or location of the assets is. Furthermore, if the Will included terms and clauses in accordance...

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16 Dec Do the beneficiaries of a Trust created abroad by a grandmother, non Spanish resident, have to pay tax in Spain for the funds or assets they are from time to time receiving in Spain from that trust, why, how and when? (01/12/2009)

  (From a recent binding official reply to a formal consultation made to the Spanish Central Tax Office)   The legal arrangement of the Trust is not recognized as such by the Spanish legal system. The Convention of The Hague internationally applicable to the Trust and its recognition...

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