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28 Jul I have a mortgage with bank for my company-owned house in Spain, can I get compensation for an unlawful “floor clause”

No, you cannot. As a Juridical person (i.e. a Mercantile Company) your company does not have the profile of a consumer according to the law. Consumers or users according to the law are the natural persons who act with a purpose outside their business, commercial...

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13 Aug A very important sentence by the Spanish Supreme Court about permanent establishments in Spanish territory may involve the multinational groups to review their structures in order to avoid the possible existence of unwanted, permanent establishments.

The Spanish Supreme Court has recently ruled the verdict number 1626 / 2008 (case "Roche") and concluded that the activity of manufacturing and sales promotion undertaken by Roche Vitamins, S.A. (RV), a Spanish branch of the Swiss company Roche Vitamins Europe Ltd.  (RVE) constitute a...

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