15 Jan My house in Spain was built about ten years ago and has serious construction defects, can I claim the builder? When and in what cases?

1) The responsibility of ten years obliges the builder, or any of the agents that intervened in the work (builder, architect, surveyor, contractor, etc.) and requires the necessary concurrence of two requirements, in such a way that the absence of one of them would impede...

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11 Jul What is a “cláusula suelo” anyhow and how illegal it is when it is included in a Loan contract

Practically the whole financial sector is subject to trial in front of  the judge in what refers to the controversial “ground clauses, or cláusulas suelo”, that prevented numerous mortgaged Spaniards or Spanish residents to benefit from the strong slope of the interest rates experienced from end of 2008. At...

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06 May Can I legally complete a real estate property purchase just through a properly made contract with the seller instead of through a Notary in Spain?

Yes, you can. Private contracts, as opposed to public contracts (the ones signed in front of Notaries) also have validity and completion force in what refers to any permissible condition they include and are perfectly binding for you and your seller. However, according to the Spanish...

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