28 Jul I have a mortgage with bank for my company-owned house in Spain, can I get compensation for an unlawful “floor clause”

No, you cannot. As a Juridical person (i.e. a Mercantile Company) your company does not have the profile of a consumer according to the law. Consumers or users according to the law are the natural persons who act with a purpose outside their business, commercial...

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14 Dec I have heard that the S.L. company laws regarding foreign residents buying property in Spain has changed. I remember before there was a limit of 1 to 2 yrs and a max. 30% requirement for passing on or changing names on the stock,otherwise it was considered a private sale and taxed as so with an additional fine. Has this changed? Esp. if one parent who is the holder of the shares wants to pass it to his/her child?What does the new law offer and what one should consider?

The present regulations in force regarding transfers of shares of companies directly (or indirectly) owning real estate properties situated in Spain when they represent 50% or more of the Company’s active (total assets) establish that these share transfers pay a transfer tax as if they...

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