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We trust you know already, but just in case we remark that we are not any sort of amateurish lawyers just with a skill in handling good positions in google of a cheap good looking web page, while they work from home or similar. In other words, we are sure you could get cheaper offers and possibly much cheaper on internet, however most of these if not all could come from profiles belongin to pseudo professional law-firms that are presently plaguing the market of lawyers.


C/ Pinsapo, Local bajo 4,

29600 Marbella, Spain

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Malaga: 45min (see itinerary)
Puerto Banús: 10min (see itinerary)
Estepona: 28min (see itinerary)
Benahavis: 25min (see itinerary)
Ronda: 64min (see itinerary)


(+34) 952 92 45 29


(+34) 952 77 09 27

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